Tiramisu with pineapple

Tiramisu with pineapple

Biscuit cookie «savoyardi» — 200 gr.
Canned pineapple — 400 gr. (clean the weight, I took to the Bank = 800 ml.)
Sour cream 20% — 400g.
Cream 35% — 400 ml.
Sugar powder — 150 gr.
Lemon zest from one lemon
Vanilla extract — 1 tbsp (or vanilla sugar)
Liqueur (Baileys, Creamy, or just cognac) — 2-3 tbsp
Gelatin — 2 tsp(+ 4 tbsp water)

Tiramisu with pineapple


1.Remove from the jar pineapple on a sieve to drain excess juice, slightly dry with a paper towel, cut into cubes.
2.The pineapple syrup does not pour, it’ll come in handy.
3.2 tsp gelatin soak in 4 tbsp water for 10 minutes.
4.Whip the cream to soft peaks.
5.The pot with the soaked gelatin put on low heat, to dissolve gelatin until dissolved, and remove from heat, never boil!
6.With a whisk, mix together the sour cream, sugar, lemon zest, vanilla extract, liqueur.
7.To weight sour cream in a thin stream add dissolved gelatine, beat with a whisk until smooth. Also add whipped cream, stir gently with silicone spatula all. The cream is ready.
8.Now we will collect our cake.
For him took the form of a glass, Pyrex, size 18cm. at 28 cm, height 5 cm
Pineapple juice pour into a shallow plate.
Savoyardy dip, a quick pineapple juice. Dip only the bottom, not reaching the middle of the cookie, otherwise, they will quickly get soggy.
Lay the soaked cookies in a single layer on the bottom of the form. On top of the biscuits put one portion of sliced pineapples. The fruit evenly pour half of the cream.
Over the cream put another layer of biscuits soaked in pineapple juice, top with pineapple, cream.

Cake cover, refrigerate overnight, serve with tea.

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