The Kaleidoscope Salad

The Kaleidoscope Salad

This salad can be called a colorful kaleidoscope.
And he looks like a buffet.
All the products are stacked on a plate in separate piles in a circle,and in the center put more Mayo.
The ingredients can be very different.

Ingredients :
Korean carrot,
marinated mushrooms,
boiled eggs,
hard cheese,
sausage special

The Kaleidoscope Salad Preparation:

If the carrots to cook, it should marinate the night before.
And you can buy ready.
From meat products can take boiled meat, chicken, ham
or another sausage. At your discretion.
If you can’t acute, Korean carrots can be replaced
boiled. Fungi can take fresh and fry with onions.
And you can do without the mushrooms. In this case, you can add
boiled beets.
All products are cut and spread on a plate.
You can come up with their own combination of products.

for example Option 2:

All products take about the same proportion.
A small piece of meat or chicken cook until soft, cut into strips and fry in vegetable oil, adding salt to taste and pepper.
Raw carrots, cabbage and cucumbers (fresh or pickled) make your vertical slices small strips, boiled beets grate on a coarse grater.
Boiled potatoes cut into julienne strips and fry in vegetable oil until crisp.

Now in the middle of the large round dish slide, put the meat and around it separately all the other vegetables. On the hill with the meat pour mayonnaise.
As such, the salad is served on a table and mix just before eating.
The desire of experimenting with vegetables, I replaced the potatoes to peppers of different colors.

Well, guests choose what they like best about this
the salad they put on the plate.
I usually try everything there is.

Bon appetit

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