The English Christmas pudding

The English Christmas pudding

traditional English dish. It is cooked for a couple of months before Christmas. During this time he Matures, acquires a refined taste and can be stored in a cool place for a very long time.

Black currants — 250 Gram
Black raisin — 250 Gram
Black raisin — 250 Gram
Bread crumbs — 250 Grams
Sugar — 250 Grams
Dried Apricots — 250 Grams
Butter — 125 Grams
Dried cherries — 100 Grams
A mixture of candied — 125 G
Almonds — 200 Grams
Walnut — 100 GMS
Carrots — 1 Piece
Apple — 1 Piece
Egg — 3 Pieces
Flour — 1 Tbsp. spoon
Lemon zest — 1 Tbsp. spoon
Orange zest — 1 Tbsp. spoon
Brandy — 150 Ml
Cardamom — 1 teaspoon
Ground nutmeg — 0,5 tsp
Salt — 1 Pinch
Vanilla — 1 Pinch

The English Christmas pudding
How to make «Pudding English Christmas»:

Dried fruits and raisins wash and allow to drain. Apple and carrot RUB on a grater.

The English Christmas pudding

Chop the almonds and walnuts.

The English Christmas pudding
Mix raisins, currants, candied fruit, nuts, dried apricots, peel, cherries, grated Apple and carrot.

The English Christmas pudding
Add the sugar, a pinch of salt, eggs, flour, bread crumbs, softened butter, brandy, cardamom, vanilla and nutmeg. Mix well all the ingredients.

The English Christmas pudding4
Lubricate the form of butter pudding and place in it the dough, firmly stamping.
Cover the pudding with baking paper.

The English Christmas pudding
Then cover and cook in a water bath for 4 hours. After boiling water, the fire support is the weakest.

Periodically top up with water. The pudding is ready, gently flip the plate.

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