Souffle of chicken for children

Souffle of chicken for children


Chicken fillet — 400 Grams (boiled)
Butter — 1 PT. spoon (softened)
Flour — 2-3 Art. spoons
Eggs — 2-3 Pieces
Milk — 100 Ml
Salt — 1 Pinch

Souffle of chicken for children


How to cook «Souffle of chicken for children»

Boiled chicken fillet skip through Mincer.
To the mixture add softened butter and two egg yolks. Mix thoroughly.
Pour the flour, mix again.
Pour in the milk, stir.
Beat whites with a pinch of salt, to the top of the peaks.
Gently vymeshivaem proteins in chicken a lot. Grease the silicone form with butter and fill them cooked mass 2/3. Bake souffle in the oven for 20 minutes, the temperature of 190 degrees.
Bon appetit!

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