Snack «Peacock tail»

Snack «Peacock tail«

Ingredients :

Eggplant — two pieces
Cucumber (1 large and 2 small) — three pieces
Tomatoes — two pieces
Quail egg — 8-10 pieces
Olives — 10-15 pieces
Vegetable oil (0,5 stack. for the sauce + 0,5 stack. for frying) — 1 stack.
Milk (for the sauce) — 1/4 Cup.
Mustard (for the sauce) — one teaspoon
Vinegar (Apple cider for the sauce) — one teaspoon
Sugar (for the sauce) — one teaspoon
Salt (for the sauce) — 0,5 tsp
Cheese (Russian for sauce) — 100 grams
Garlic — 5 tooth.

Snack Peacock tail

Method of preparation:

The eggplant and cut my thin slightly obliquely — ovaltine.
The eggplant slices liberally with salt and leave for 10 minutes to let out the bitterness.
While the eggplant release the bitterness, prepare garlic-cheese sauce. To do this, mix a quarter Cup of milk and half a Cup of vegetable oil, salt, sugar, mustard, Apple cider vinegar. One condition. The milk should be lukewarm, body temperature.
The glass lowered the hand blender and whisk for a few seconds. Turns out the consistency of mayonnaise.
Further in the sauce, throw the garlic and cheese. And again blenderm.
It turns out that such a thick garlic-cheese sauce.
When the eggplant juice, wash them from salt and fry in vegetable oil.
Top apply garlic-cheese sauce.
He put on a thin Balchik cucumbers. On a large slice of eggplant — large cucumber, small — small.
The top half of the tomato slices.
Lay out the feathers from vegetables in the form of a peacock’s tail. It is desirable to take the oval dish. On top of every feather lay a slice of boiled quail eggs and half the olives. Decorate with greens and slices of black olives.

Bon appetit! :)

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