This soup came to us from the East. It is simple to prepare and will delight you and your loved ones for their rich taste


●Lamb loin 0.5 kg
●Onions 1 PC
●Sweet pepper red 1 piece
●Carrots 2 PCs
●Potatoes 6 PCs
●Garlic cloves 2 PCs
●Coriander 10 g
●Dill 10 g
●Fresh tomato 2 PCs



1. Choose a pot (or cauldron) volume 6-7 liters.
2. Cut onion into small cubes and fry in vegetable oil until Golden brown right in the pot. It is important to throughout the cooking fire was very modest — less than the average.
3. Add sliced meat and fry it. Meat juice and will slightly reduce.
4. Carrots and peppers cut into strips and add to the meat. Along with this added part or one whole chili pepper (depends on how acute of soup you prefer)
5. Then add sliced large tomato slices, again stir and cover everything with hot water — a little more than half of the pan. Cover with a lid and allow to simmer on a slow fire.
6. When the meat is ready, add potatoes cut in large chunks or whole (if the tubers are not large).
7. Add water almost to top of pan and wait for the boil, not adding to the fire.
8. When the potatoes are ready, add finely chopped garlic clove, salt, spices and chopped herbs and allow to simmer for another couple of minutes.
Shurpa is ready!
Bon appetit!

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