Salad Watermelon slice

Salad Watermelon slice

chicken fillet, boiled 300 g;
cheese — about 150 g;
fresh mushrooms-mushrooms — about 200 g;
boiled eggs chicken — 4 PCs.;
mayonnaise high fat content of 250 g;
the medium-sized carrots — 2 PCs.;
onion red onion — 1 head;
sea salt – use to taste;
tomato ripe red — 1 PC.;
the refined oil – for frying mushrooms and onions;
black olives pitted and roughly 5 PCs.;
red bell pepper — 1 small piece.
the juicy, fresh cucumber — 2 medium PCs.

Salad watermelon slice


Boil the chicken and then remove it from the bones and skin. Then finely chop with a knife.
Also cut and red peppers, tomato, mushrooms, cucumber and onion.
Boiled eggs, carrots, and hard cheese to grate.
Take the flat and a large-diameter dish, and then put a layer of shredded chicken in the shape of watermelon slices.
Arrange carrots, sauteed mushrooms and onions, grated eggs and grated cheese.
Each layer coat with mayonnaise.
Decoration of salad:
On the entire surface of the Crescent lay sliced red tomatoes, mixed sweet peppers.
Further for the biggest part of the «slices» you must put fresh cucumbers and juicy.
In conclusion, on the red half of the salad should be distributed olives, cut in half lengthwise.
In the end, you should receive a dish that is very much like a real watermelon slice.
Serve the salad for the holiday table preferably after he will stand in the refrigerator for several hours.
Bon appetit!

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