Salad Tortilla Turtle

Salad Tortilla Turtle


smoked chicken leg quarter 1 PCs
boiled egg 4 PCs
leek 1 piece
apples 2 PCs
cheese 100 grams
kiwi 8 PCs
olives for decoration

Salad Tortilla Turtle

Necessary equipment: saucepan, knife, grater

Method of preparation:

This salad will surprise your guests not only stunningly beautiful, but in a funky taste. Try it!

Salad laid layers, in the form of a mound:

-grated proteins
meat cubes
-to grease with mayonnaise
-leek, cut in rings
-the grated apples
-to grease with mayonnaise
-grated cheese
-chopped yolks

Decorate the salad as follows: in a circle put sliced kiwi, as shell. The head is made from a kiwi, legs of halves. The eyes and claws are made of olives.

Bon appetit!

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