Salad Sunflower

Salad Sunflower

• Four eggs
• Mayonnaise
• Cucumbers – two hundred grams
• Olives
• Potatoes – four hundred grams
• Cod liver oil – one of the Bank
• salt

Salad Sunflower

The first layer — grated potatoes, cod liver, then rubbed proteins, and again dressed with mayonnaise. Chopped green onions, cucumbers, and egg yolks.
The top layer of mayonnaise laid out the pieces of an olive tree, symbolizing the seeds.
Around the perimeter of the dishes laid out the chips, but you can substitute cucumbers – it will also the excellent sunflower, just not quite ripened.
To the cod liver had not issued a specific smell, it needs two minutes to hold in the juice of a lemon.
Bon appetit!

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