Salad Strawberry

Salad Strawberry


1. Boiled chicken fillet – 250-300 g
2. Mushrooms – 200 g
3. Tomatoes – 300 g
4. Onion – 1 PC.
5. Hard cheese – 150 g
6. Cucumber – 1 PC.
7. Vegetable cooking oil – 2-3 tbsp
8. Mayonnaise olive — 5 tbsp
9. Salt – to taste

Salad Strawberry


Mushrooms, wash and cut into small pieces. Cook them in a pan, fry in vegetable oil. Chicken fillet finely chop. Clean the onions, finely chop. Put layers of the ingredients in the following order: meat and onions. Lubricating layer of mayonnaise, salt to taste, then sprinkle with grated on a fine grater cheese, top with mushrooms. Again mayonnaise. Diced tomatoes will be the top of the salad. From cucumber to make the leaves and seeds. The dish is ready!

I wish you all Bon appétit!

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