Salad Pineapple

Salad Pineapple

— potatoes (boiled in their jackets) — 3-4 pieces (350-400 g),
— ham – 200 g
— pineapple (canned) – 150-200 g
— eggs (boiled) — 5 PCs,
— 1 small onion, Apple (sour) — 1 PCs,
— lemon juice — 1 teaspoon,
— mayonnaise,
— salt and freshly ground pepper to ukrainerussia nuts,green onions

1. Peel the potatoes and grate on a coarse grater.Eggs peeled and chopped.
Cut the ham into thin strips (you can substitute smoked chicken).

2. Onions clear and finely chop.
With pineapples drained and cut into small cubes.
Apple wash, cut off the peel, RUB on a large grater and sprinkle with lemon juice.

3. Put the prepared ingredients on an oval dish in layers.
You can separately mix the salad ingredients with the mayonnaise.

1st layer: half of the potatoes, salt, pepper, mayonnaise.
2nd layer: half an onion, salt, pepper.
3rd layer: half of ham, a bit of mayonnaise.

4th layer: half of an Apple.
5th layer: half of the eggs, salt, pepper, mayonnaise.
6th layer: half of the pineapples.
7-th layer: the remaining potatoes, salt, pepper, mayonnaise.
8-th layer: the remaining onion, salt and pepper.
9-th layer: the remaining ham, a bit of mayonnaise.
10-th layer: the remaining Apple.
11-th layer: the remaining pineapples.
12-th layer: the remaining eggs, salt, pepper, mayonnaise.

Bon appetite!

Salad Pineapple

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