Salad «little Red riding hood»

Salad «little Red riding hood»


●300g chicken fillet
●200g of mushrooms(I have 1 tin 400g with brine canned)(or other mushrooms,sometimes I use mushrooms or saffron milk cap mushrooms)
●150g salted or pickled gherkins
●200 g of cheese (I have Russian)
●1 large or 2 small tomatoes

Salad little Red riding hood


Layer 1: chicken fillet boil in salted water (20 minutes after boiling), cut into small pieces and spread on the bottom of the salad bowl.

top cover with mayonnaise mesh
Layer 2: boil the mushrooms (if canned, slightly to fry on a dry pan to squeeze out the excess moisture), cut, put on the chicken breast, mayonnaise cover where it says.

3rd layer: cucumber cut into, put on the mushrooms.

cover with mayonnaise mesh.
4th layer: cheese to grate on a coarse grater, put in the cucumbers, cover with mayonnaise mesh.

5th layer: tomatoes cut into cubes, put on the cheese.

Thank you for your attention! I would be very happy if the salad «little Red riding hood» will be of your liking!!!

Bon appetit!

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