Salad Chamomile

Salad Chamomile

Cheese (medium hardness and medium salinity) – 200 grams
Tomatoes (fresh, medium size) – 4 pieces
Greens (parsley and dill) – 1 bunch
Garlic – 1 clove
Mayonnaise (67% fat) – 150 grams
Chips (potato, broad) – 450 grams
Olives (black and green, seedless) – 20-30 pieces.

Salad Chamomile
Recipe preparation:

Cut the tomatoes into small cubes. Pour the excess tomato juice. Washed greens chop.
On a large grater to grate cheese. After that, mix the cheese, tomatoes and chopped greens.
A clove of garlic peel and squeeze in a bowl of cheese and tomatoes.
Add the mayonnaise and mix all the added ingredients.
On holiday, wide dish, round shape, beautifully put potato chips in a circle dishes. Stuff the cooked chips salad.
On top of the salad to place one olive (or olive). The olives must be seedless. The center serves also put a handful of olives (black and green).
The finished dish should resemble the shape of daisies.
Bon appetit!

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