Salad «Caprese» on Halloween

Salad «Caprese» on Halloween

Salad «Caprese» on Halloween differs from the traditional version of the salad only in the presence of olives. And, of course, a form of submission. Salad fit ciabatta. This snack is a perfect starter. Besides, monsters can cook and the children themselves.
Mozzarella — 200 Grams (small balls of cheese)
Tomatoes — 2-3 Pieces
Basil (leaves) — 8-10 Pieces
Olives with seeds — 6-8 Pieces
Black olives pitted — 5 Pieces
Ground black pepper — — to taste
Olive oil — 2-3 Art. spoons

Salad Caprese on Halloween
How to make «Salad «Caprese» Halloween»

1. With a knife cut a round barrel and the top of the olives.
2. Center cut slice olives (a little «slanted») punch a circle using a thick straw for cocktails.
3. Olives puncture the same sticks and keep the «deleted» part.
4. Insert the small dark part (pupil) of olives in a hole pierced olives.
5. Make as many eyes (a pair!), how much you need. On a slice of tomato or two eyes.In a plate put a leaf of Basil, it is a slice of tomato, then cut in half circle of Mozzarella (two halves) and top «eyes». Drizzle olive oil and pepper. Bon appetit!

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