Salad Butterfly

Salad Butterfly


chicken fillet — 300 g

mushrooms — 300 g

onion — 1 piece

a little vegetable oil

eggs — 4 PCs

hard kind of cheese — 300 g


To decorate: black olives, a few boiled eggs, tomato and natural dyes (the dyes in the bottom of the recipe).

Salad Butterfly


In salted water boil 300 g chicken fillet.

Wash 300 g of mushrooms and chop.

Peel small onion, chop and sauté with mushrooms on heated vegetable oil.

In salted water boil 4 eggs, then cool under cold water, peel and grate on a large grater.

On a fine grater grate 300 g hard cheese.

Join whole foods, tuck a jar of mayonnaise and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Put the salad on a dish in the shape of a butterfly and decorate.

To decorate, take olives, a few boiled eggs, tomato and natural dyes.

Olives grind and make them the body of a butterfly. Decorate the butterfly with chopped tomato and black olives, rubbed separately the yolks and whites. Protein touch up a natural dye to give the butterfly bright color (beet juice, currant, carrot).


blue — grated egg white or rice, colored juice raw red cabbage;

lilac — grated egg white, dyed raw beetroot juice;

purple — red cabbage;

pink — beet juice or cranberry

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