Pot roast chicken with prunes.

Pot roast chicken with prunes.


— pots
in each pot:
— chicken thigh without skin
— 2 medium potatoes
— 3 tomatoes-cherry
— half a carrot
— leek to taste
— clove of garlic
— stuff 8 prunes
— 4 tablespoons chicken (or any other) broth
— salt,pepper,Bay leaf, dry garlic

Pot roast chicken with prunes.


First of all the pots must pour over boiling water. And pour them in the broth.
Cut the potatoes into round thin slices.
Hips divided into portions pieces (bone left). Leek sauté with carrots.
Tomatoes cut into quarters, prunes in half. Finely chopped greens.
Crush the garlic with the edge of a knife.

Now put all the ingredients in a pot. First potatoes, then meat, meat — onions and carrots, then tomatoes, garlic, prunes and herbs. On the top of a few slices of potato and spices.
Close the pot lids and put in cold (!!!) the oven.

At a temperature of 180 degrees cook roast for one hour.
Then carefully spoon peremeshaem hot and send it in still warm oven for another half an hour. Pot «dorotovic» the dish itself)

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