Pancake pouches with chicken

Pancake pouches with chicken

— 3 cups of milk
— 2 cups flour
— 2 eggs
— 50 g butter
– 500 g chicken fillet
— 1 onion
— sugar
— salt
— vegetable oil
— cheese-pigtail OR green onions feathers

Pancake pouches with chicken


1. To dissolve in the milk eggs.
2. Add the melted butter.
3. Add flour slowly, stirring.
4. Add the sugar and salt (1 teaspoon).
5. Fry on a hot griddle pancakes.
6. Fry the onion, add the finely chopped chicken, season with salt and a little fry.
7. Pour cream of chicken (covered), put out.
8. In the middle of each pancake put the chicken.
9. Collect bags and tie a cheese string or a feather bow.

Bon appetit!

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