Original and delicious summer cake Tropicana

Original and delicious summer cake Tropicana

— 1 Cup of water
— 1 Cup flour
— 100 g butter
— 4 eggs
— pinch of salt
From this amount of dough I got 3 cakes, the size of 25h18 see

Original and delicious summer cake, Tropicana

-eggs — 2 PCs.
-sugar — 150 g
-starch 5 tablespoons
-milk — 350 ml
-plums. oil — 300 g (room temperature)
-vanilla sugar — 1 packet

The main thing on paper to draw the outlines of the future of the cake, all the cakes we were the same size. I 25h18.
Choux pastry is first put on the contour. Nozzle with a circular hole.
Then the strips lengthwise, then strips down.
Bake in a preheated 200 C oven until Browning
The second strip should be oblique.
I made 4 cake layers.
Fruits to put in the holes, and the top to cream. I had cherries, bananas and peaches.
And on top I have covered the cake, pressed…
…smeared with cream… On top of the cake I fruit put.
Decorated white Shanti.
And on top put the fruit (pears, peaches, bananas and cherries)
Put in the refrigerator for impregnation and curing of cream.
I also want to add that the taste is very dependent on fruit. Enjoy your tea

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