Orange dessert

Orange dessert


(4-6 servings)

4 oranges
10 tablespoons of sugar
2 tbsp flour
40 gr. butter
200 gr. cream 30% fat
100 gr. canned strawberry this orange dessert, take sweet juicy oranges medium size. My oranges, with a sharp knife cut into halves.
Then each half of the orange with a sharp knife, gently cut through the flesh.

Orange dessert

Continue using the same knife or a spoon extract the pulp from the orange peel. It is important not to cut the peel, because it is used as natural dishes for our orange dessert.

Orange hemisphere on the time left to the side, and from the pulp of the orange cooking orange cream.
The orange pulp together with the juice triturated in a blender. We should get orange juice with pulp.

Put on low heat a saucepan with a thick bottom. Throw in there the butter.

When the butter has melted, put two tablespoons of flour with a slide.

Mix thoroughly with spatula so that the oil has absorbed the flour. Strongly fry do not need the flour.

Without ceasing to stir, thin stream pour in the orange juice.

Stir carefully until a homogeneous mass. Add 9 tablespoons of sugar. Depending on the variety and ripeness of the orange, you may need more sugar.
Continue to stir and bring mixture to a boil over low heat. It is important that the cream is not burnt, because even a slight burnt orange gives the cream a bitter taste.When the cream thickens, remove from heat.

Give the cream to cool slightly and then pour it on the orange boats. Ensure that the orange halves were exactly, otherwise the cream will leak out.

All this beauty put to cool in the fridge.
Meanwhile prepare the whipped cream. You can whisk by hand, but much faster with a mixer (blender not suitable for this purpose).
So, take the mixer, set the mixer frame. First whisk at minimum speed. Add in cream 1 tbsp sugar. Gradually increase the speed. Whisk cream until obtaining a stable cream. The volume of cream should increase several times.

When orange cream in orange halves as cool, with the help of culinary syringe, draw up the whipped cream. Be generous. The bigger the cream, the will taste better. But a sense of proportion, we should not lose.

Decorate with orange dessert canned strawberries, and then proudly serve your culinary masterpiece. If not strawberries, then you can pritrusit cinnamon.

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