New year salad «Monkey»

New year salad «Monkey»

● 200 g canned fish
● 100 g of boiled rice, cucumber and fresh onion
● 20 g of vegetable oil
● 3 boiled eggs
● mayonnaise
● olives
● pepper, salt

New year salad "Monkey"


Boil rice, cool it, put the first layer on a flat plate, by molding the head monkey. Grease the rice mayonnaise (to make mayonnaise mesh). Open tinned fish, place in a bowl and use a fork to shred. Put the fish on the second layer of rice, to grease with mayonnaise.
Chop onions, fry until translucent and soft, Sarmanova, put the fish and spread mayonnaise.

On a coarse grater RUB the cucumber, put another layer on the onion and grease with mayonnaise.To separate proteins boiled eggs from the yolks separately with a fork and chop the whites and yolks.On top of the salad lay out the whites, even.On top lay the yolks on the whites, by molding the eyes to make decoration of salad from whole (eyes) and chopped olives, garnish with parsley and lettuce as in the photo.
Good baking and happy New year!

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