Lemon marmalade at home

Lemon marmalade at home


— 120 ml water
— 400 g of sugar
— 1 packet of gelatin
— 60 ml of cold boiled water
— 180 ml lemon juice (3-4 lemons)
— a few spoons of sugar for decoration

Lemon marmalade at home


Take three large lemons. Remove the peel and dry them (it will be needed for the preparation of other Goodies, which I’ll tell later).
Gelatin pour 60 ml of cold boiled water and leave it to be melted (5-10 minutes).
400 grams of sugar and 120 ml water mix
and sent to the fire. Bring to a boil and cook slightly.
The syrup remove from heat and add gelatin to it.
Add lemon juice, then pass through a sieve. Aromatic liquid, which is soon to be marmalade, stir and pour into the mold.
Cover the form with a lid and put into the fridge (or any other cool place) for 2 hours.
Ready marmalade cut into cubes
that dip in sugar on all sides.
Regale fragrant homemade marmalade and treat them with relatives. Here it is – the pleasure of sweets! Here it is – a beautiful natural color candy without dyes!

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