Iced coffee

Iced coffee

The wonderful name of the drink comes from the French glacé, what do you mean frozen or icy. This coffee recipe-iced coffee, aka iced coffee, you’ll be distinct milk «shade» — without water.


coffee (natural) — 2-3 tsp;
sugar (preferably Demerara) — 2-3 pieces;
milk — 250 ml;
ice cream (creme brulee) — 50 g;
dark chocolate — 5-10 G.

iced coffee

Coffee beans grind, drop in Turku and warmed 20 seconds on top of the fire. In this case the maximum opening of the coffee aroma.

Pour the desired milk fat, bring to the boil, allowing the burning liquid to escape. Without delay remove the pot. This option for fans of latte, coffee with milk, otherwise add more water.

In hot coffee, throw the sugar in your favourite brew and mix up well — dissolved sugar crystals. Coffee-iced coffee must be cooled to approximately 10 degrees.

Filter, removing fine grains.
Finally finished portioned containers, top slide, spread the ice cream, don’t forget to chop solid dark chocolate shavings.

Sprinkle island ice cream chocolate and immediately coffee-iced coffee is served!

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