How useful bananas, or 22 reasons to love them


How useful bananas, or 22 reasons to love them

1. Bananas help to fight depression. They have a lot of tryptophan — the substance from which it produces serotonin — the hormone of happiness. So eating a banana is easy to improve your mood.

2. Bananas are the only fruit that even in infants does not give allergic reactions.

3. Strengthening bones. Bananas delay the calcium in the body, it is not excreted along with urine and remains in the body and is used to strengthen bones. This is especially important for coffee lovers, which on the contrary washes calcium from the body.

4. Improvement of intestinal microflora. Thanks to the enzymes, which are part of bananas substances that enter the organism with the main food, absorbed by the body faster.

5. Constipation. Bananas are very useful for those who suffer from constipation. Regular consumption of bananas will eliminate this problem.

6. Bananas help to get rid of such problems as heartburn.

7. Ulcer of the stomach. Bananas when consumed envelop the stomach wall and thus protect it from corrosive substances and acids in food, it promotes healing and scarring ulcers in the stomach.

8. If you have diarrhea. Those who suffer from diarrhea, eat bananas. This is a very good revitalizing product.

9. The high content of potassium in banana pulp saves from calf muscle cramps those who works out a lot.

10. Swelling. Eating bananas reduces swelling in those who suffer from it.

11. A source of energy. If you eat bananas before a workout, you can do better — the sugar level will rise very quickly and your energy will last until the end of the workout.

12. Improvement of digestion. Pectins and chelates, which are part of bananas, well remove toxins and other harmful substances, thereby improving digestion.

13. For women. Serotonin and other nutrients that are in bananas, perfectly relieve PMS symptoms. If you eat a banana during menstruation, you can get rid of bad mood and unpleasant symptoms.

14. Anemia. The high content of iron in the pulp of banana makes it just needed food for anemia.

15. Heart disease. Potassium, which many in bananas helps to improve the condition of blood vessels, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, treats hypertension.

16. Immunity. The composition of banana includes antioxidants and amino acids, and they are known to protect the body well and enhance immunity.

17. Kidney. Bananas are able to positively affect the kidneys, nutrients, trace elements and vitamins improve their condition, remove sand and stones.

18. Nausea. Bananas — a great tool for getting rid of nausea on the road or at a toxicosis in pregnant women.

19. Itching from insect bites. Skins from bananas very good remedy for insect bites — simply apply the inside of a banana skin to the site of the bite for a few minutes.

20. From heat. The banana has the property to lower the body temperature. This will help you in fever or in hot weather.

21. To quit Smoking. When withdrawal from nicotine addiction recommend eating bananas — high in vitamins, potassium, magnesium help to remove the remnants of nicotine from the body and to adapt to life without cigarettes.

22. Increase mental ability. The high potassium content in bananas makes people receptive to new information, this is necessary for exam preparation.

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