Halloween pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin

A scary, yet cute Halloween pumpkin at home will decorate your holiday table or even the yard. Using a candle or flashlight inside to make it glow. This is a very original and interesting option even for gift.
Pumpkin — 1 Piece

Halloween pumpkin Halloween pumpkin
How to cook «Pumpkin for Halloween»

1. So, you bought a beautiful large pumpkin. Wash it properly and Pat dry. Washed off using a marker, draw the outline where you will cut the cover.
2. Carefully with a sharp knife make cuts along the contour, remove the cover. Set it aside: we still need.
3. Completely clear out the entire middle. Take your time, do it very carefully.
4. Pat the pumpkin from the inside with a rag. Now the best thing is to Halloween pumpkin at home dry about 10-12 hours.
5. You can then put on the lid and do the most interesting — picture.
6. First paint marker circuits and check that the picture was smooth. Options, how to make a Halloween pumpkin, there are many, but do not choose too complicated drawings with many small details. At least not for the first time.
7. The contour makes a small puncture (to start a pin or needle, for example). And only after that cut the parts with a sharp knife. When the pumpkin is fully ready, you can light a candle inside. Enjoy the result.

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