For 4-6 servings:
— 1.5 kg red tomatoes
— 2 red sweet paprika
— 100 g onion (1 medium onion)
— 2-3 cloves of garlic
— 0.5 tsp salt
— 50 ml olive oil
— 150 grams of white bread
— 200 g fresh cucumbers



1. Tomatoes slightly cut crosswise and on a couple of minutes, drop it into boiling water. Then easy to clean the skin and cut out the middle. Next, using a blender grind to a smooth paste tomatoes, one bell pepper and onion.

2. With a mortar or Chesnokovka grind the garlic, add salt, olive oil and bread crumbs (50 g). All mix thoroughly, if a bit dry – you can add a little boiled water. Add bread mix in tomato puree and mix well. If the soup is too thick – a little dilute it with water. Refrigerate for several hours, until completely cooled.

3. Remaining bread slice into small cubes and podslushivaet on a hot dry pan or in the oven to make croutons. The same cubes chop the remaining peppers and peeled cucumbers. Before serving, sprinkle the soup with croutons and chopped vegetables.

Bon appetit!

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