Express meat

Express meat

For this recipe you can cook any meat for 5 minutes! It will be delicious and juicy! The secret is in the filling…
And on the side I offer vegetables, fried Chinese! Insanely delicious!!!

You will need:

Meat 500.0 g
Egg chicken PCs 2.0
Mustard 1.0 tbsp
Potato starch 0.5 tbsp
Vegetable oil 1.0 tbsp
Salt 1.0 tsp
Pepper mix 0.5 tsp
Sesame 2.0 tsp

Express meat

How to prepare:

1. So, prepare the filling. It is simple, many of its components are used, for example, chopped cutlets.
So, mix eggs, starch, mustard, salt, pepper.
Add your favorite spices. This time I cooked the chicken, and therefore decided not to add anything — treated with your favorite set of peppers.
Mustard can be taken absolutely anywhere.
Fill ready.
Cut the meat into convenient pieces and mix with the filling.
Ship the container in the fridge. Preferably, overnight. But the secret is that the meat can be stored for even a few days!
When you want to serve lunch, dinner, will only fry.

2. In a hot pan with oil fry the pieces of meat with two sides, sprinkling with sesame seeds. Fried meat very quickly. Once flushed, immediately ready!

3. On the side I have vegetables. Of course, the composition is different each time. Today it — zucchini, eggplant, peppers, carrots and tomatoes.
All the vegetables, except the tomatoes, I cut long strips, almost cubes.

4. Just take a large frying pan. Why big? Yes, because vegetables should not stew, and roast! Immediately, everything! So ,in a hot pan with little oil fry the vegetables. On high heat!!! Stirring constantly… Fry until Browning, then pour soy sauce — about 3 tbsp stir-Fry for. I, also, still got peppered a lot.

5. Need to add tomatoes. I absolutely did not want mess on the plates) And so I chose a tiny tomatoes and added them to the already almost ready vegetables tselenkoe. Slightly fry all together. Vegetables should not be overcooked, the taste of each should be felt.

6. Spread on a plate of meat, garnishes vegetables.

Bon appetit!


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