Delicious «boats» made of zucchini

Delicious «boats» made of zucchini

3 medium size zucchini
ground beef
150-200 g fresh cabbage
100 grams of rice
250 g sour cream
250 g of tomato juice
2-3 tsp sugar
grated cheese

Delicious "boats" made of zucchini


1. Take three medium size zucchini. Cut them into two halves lengthwise, carefully spoon take out the pulp , where there are seeds. Make «boats» out of zucchini. While postponing to the side.
2. 300-400 g of raw minced meat(any kind, I had the Muscovy duck meat) .150-200 g fresh cabbage( finely chop). Good bunch of greens ( parsley and dill)finely chop. Plus another 100 grams of rice( not cooked). 3. All mix , season with salt and pepper and the minced stuff our «boats». Form for baking grease a little sunflower oil and place «boats».
4. Separately, mix 250 grams 250 grams sour cream and tomato juice ( I had tomato homemade) plus salt , plus 2-3 teaspoons sugar( to sour) and mix.
5. Then pour the sauce over the stuffed zucchini in the preheated oven for about 50-60 minutes( who some oven). Readiness can be checked thin knife, if the zucchini is soft cooked , and the dish is almost ready.
6. Somewhere for 7 minutes until cooked sprinkle with grated cheese. And let it slightly brown. The dish is ready.
Bon appetit

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