Curd snacks

Curd snacks


-Cottage cheese (curd should be taken dry) — 400 g
-Butter — 25 g
Cream (30 % fat, but can be less) — 25 ml
-Sugar powder — 100-150 g
-Chocolate — 100 g


Curd snacks


1. Mix cottage cheese, cream, icing sugar and soft butter. The mass should not be liquid (oil quantity and cream depends on the humidity of cottage cheese)
2. Blind from the mass of the balls, cubes. The form will choose what you like best. Put in the freezer for 10 minutes -15, meanwhile make the glaze.
3. Melt the chocolate with the cream in the micro to large capacity. Get the cheese out of the freezer, put in the chocolate, coat it on all sides and using 2 forks pull out. Put on parchment paper. Put in the cold.

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