Like Balik? And not to try to cook it themselves, and at home. To read the recipe would be long and cook quickly!) So read carefully and enjoy the future taste of cooked balyk from chicken fillet!

Chicken fillet — 3 PCs.
Salt — 200 g
The mixture of peppers — 1.5 tbsp
A mixture of Provencal herbs — 1.5 tbsp
Bay leaf — 10 PCs.
Brandy — 50 g


Separately say about salt. When I got this recipe, there it was about coarse sea salt, and 500 g. I always Have a problem with this — in the house lives only the usual rock salt. So I took 200 g, was — enough! Like salty or don’t trust the way of cooking, you want to insure — no question, take more salt!
The same applies to a mixture of Provencal herbs. Don’t like it? Replace your spices to taste!


All we need is to mix all the spices, spices and brandy.

At the bottom of the pot put half of this fragrant mixture. At her chicken.

On top of the rest of the spices. All! Not very difficult?))))

Now leave our pot alone for a day, for 24 hours in the refrigerator. Yeah, the pan I covered with foil and then the lid to the fragrance wears off.

The next day take out the pan from the refrigerator, take out of her chicken breast and very carefully washed it under cold running water.

Now every filisko dried with a paper towel and wrap in cheesecloth (or a linen towels).

Again sent in the fridge for at least 12 hours (you can, of course, longer).

Store dried chicken better, too, in the fridge, in a conventional food container.

Believe me — it’s VERY tasty!!!!!!

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