Cheese soup with mushrooms and chicken

Cheese soup with mushrooms and chicken


— 2 processed cheese
— 1 chicken fillet
— 400 g mushrooms
— 4 potatoes
— 1 carrot
— 1 onion
— dill
— sweet pepper
— salt

Cheese soup with mushrooms and chicken


From fillet and 2 l of water cook soup. To remove the meat, cut it into pieces.
Small mushrooms cut into slices, large chunks.
Finely chop the onion.
Carrots and processed cheese to grate on a coarse grater.
Spasserovat in vegetable oil onions and carrots.
Fry the mushrooms.
Cut the potatoes into cubes, add to broth, add salt after boiling, cook until tender. Then add fried onion, mushrooms, grated cheese, sweet pepper. Cook for another 10 minutes — until cheese is dissolved. Periodically stir. In the end, add finely chopped dill. The soup in the bowls sprinkle with croutons.
To make croutons, need to cut in small pieces or shredded slices of a loaf (of bread), dry them in the pan, stirring. The pan can be dry or slightly greased.

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