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Candy with banana filling

Candy with banana filling Middle, it’s like a soft, juicy and flavorful…. Delicious! The kids ask for more! You will need: biscuits — 1 packet boiled condensed milk — 1.l. (with slide) half banana 2 tbsp walnuts (chopped) white chocolate floor tiles How to prepare:


Panforte Ingredients: — 125 gr of hazelnuts — 125 grams of almonds — 100 gr of dried apricots — 100 grams of figs — 100 grams of brown sugar — 60 grams of wheat flour — 40 gr cocoa powder — 2 tsp lemon zest — 2H.l. ground cinnamon — 1/2 tsp ground ginger — […]

Low-calorie sweetness

Low-calorie sweetness A real find for foodies, dieters In this piece (100 grams) is only 150 calories!Can a couple of times to break on \»is\» sweet tooth without causing yourself damage! Take out of the refrigerator 1% kefir and write down the recipe! Ingredients: Kefir (1%) or yogurt(low-fat,with minimal or without filling) 2 cups. Oat […]

Strawberry Raffaello

Strawberry Raffaello Ingredients: Strawberry — 200 g Egg — 1 PC Sugar — 5 tbsp Cottage cheese — 250 g Flour — about 1 tbsp Butter — 30 g Breadcrumbs Coconut Preparation:


Baklava The first mention of baklava belong to the 15th century. Many Eastern countries still dispute the right to be considered the inventors of this dish. There are so many recipes for its manufacture. Here is a recipe of traditional Azerbaijani baklava. Ingredients: 600 g flour; 2 cups milk; 3 eggs; 2 egg yolks; 2 […]

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