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Strawberry «Turkish delight»

Strawberry «Turkish delight» Ingredients: 200 g frozen strawberries — 15 grams of quick-dissolving gelatin — 150 g icing sugar — 1/2 of a lemon Preparation:

Jam from watermelon peels

Jam from watermelon peels watermelon rinds — 1 kg sugar — 1.2 kg, water — 3 cups Cooking

Indian sweet, Burfi

Indian sweet, Burfi Barfi is an Indian dessert, which is essentially milk Fudge. He is very sweet, but perfect for tea. There are a great many recipes for its preparation: the sesame burfi, banana, with nuts, with Indian spices. Ingredients: Butter — 200 g Sugar — 200 g Vanilla sugar — 1 packet Cream 35% […]

Cake of corn sticks

Cake of corn sticks Ingredients: — 150 g of marmalade 200 g shelled walnuts — 2.5 packs of sweet corn sticks 70 g — 175 g butter — 1 can of condensed milk Corn sticks pour in a deep bowl. There also add the melted butter and condensed milk.

Ice cream

Ice cream

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