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«Burfi.Heavenly sweetness»

«Burfi.Heavenly sweetness» Ingredients: — 200 g butter — 200 g of sugar — 200 g sour cream — 1 sachet of vanilla sugar (15 g) — 400-500 gr dried milk — 200-300 g cashew Preparation:

Lemon marmalade at home

Lemon marmalade at home Ingredients: — 120 ml water — 400 g of sugar — 1 packet of gelatin — 60 ml of cold boiled water — 180 ml lemon juice (3-4 lemons) — a few spoons of sugar for decoration Preparation: Take three large lemons. Remove the peel and dry them (it will be […]

Lemon bars-muesli

Lemon bars-muesli The composition is 7-8 PCs: dried apricots 100g half lemon 1 tbsp honey walnuts 40g almonds 40g Hercules (which cooks in 15 minutes) 1/2 Cup (40g) Preparation: 

Homemade banana-strawberry ice cream

Homemade banana-strawberry ice cream Ingredients: — 1 small ripe banana — 100 g of frozen strawberries (also possible to take blueberries, cherries or raspberries) — 150 g of natural yoghurt — 1 tablespoon honey Preparation: 

Prunes in chocolate

Prunes in chocolate  Exquisite taste and tenderness of these sweets rarely leave anyone indifferent. It is best that you can give yourself and loved ones. Ingredients: — 350 g of prunes without stones — 200 g of chocolate — walnuts Preparation:

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