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Cheese fondue at home

Cheese fondue at home Ingredients: Gruyere cheese — 350 g Emmental cheese — 350 g Garlic cloves — 1 tooth. Dry white wine — 400 ml Corn flour — 1.5 St. l Cherry vodka — 115 g Grated nutmeg — pinch Ground white pepper — pinch Baguette — 1 PC. Preparation:

Rafaello Cream

Rafaello Cream Ingredients: Coconut 70 grams Condensed milk 400 grams Butter 200 grams White chocolate 200 grams Preparation:

Boiled condensed milk DULCE DE LECHE

Boiled condensed milk DULCE DE LECHE This boiled condensed milk is filling for the famous alfajores cookies, which is a favorite sweet in Peru, Spain and Argentina. Also, they can complement any cocktails, ice cream, cupcakes, cream cakes, etc. Cooking time: 120 minutes Servings: this number is approximately 420 g condensed milk You will need: […]

Caramel sauce

Caramel sauce Ingredients: ½ Cup honey 1/2 pack of butter ¾ Cup brown sugar 1 Bank of condensed milk with sugar Preparation:

Georgian sauce Satsebeli (recipe for the winter)

Georgian sauce Satsebeli (recipe for the winter) Well, very tasty!!! Probably the most popular Georgian sauce. Served, of course, the meat, the sauce makes it really delicious, you can prepare this sauce at home and indulge in winter, adding to the ingredients drop of love and care for their households. To prepare Georgian sauce Satsebeli […]

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