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Salad «Christmas toys»

Salad «Christmas toys» INGREDIENTS: ● Chicken – 1 piece ● Large potatoes – 3 pieces ● Mushrooms (marinated) – 200 grams ● Processed cheese – 1 piece ● Canned corn – 1 Bank ● Chicken eggs – 2 pieces ● Carrots – 1 piece ● Garlic, salt, dill, pepper – to taste ● Bulgarian pepper […]

Salad «Snowy Christmas»

Salad «Snowy Christmas» This salad  not only looks nice on your desk, but very helpful. Ingredients: 100 g of cheese 1 cup of cooked rice (preferably Japanese, sticky) 200-300 g boiled squid 4 boiled eggs 1 cucumber 200 g pumpkin mayonnaise (preferably homemade mayonnaise) Preparation:

Sherlock salad is very tasty and tender

Sherlock salad is very tasty and tender  Ingredients: — 250 g boiled chicken fillet; — 200 g of pickled mushrooms; — 4 boiled eggs; — 1 onion; — 80g shelled walnuts; — 200 g of mayonnaise; — salt, pepper, vegetable oil. Preparation:  Peel the onions peel, chop it finely and in a pan with oil, […]

Salad «Christmas boot»

Salad «Christmas boot« Unusual festive salad in the form of a Christmas boot. Thanks to the excellent combination of products has a pleasant taste. Preparing easy and simple! Ingredients: Fresh mushrooms, 100 g Onions — 1 PC. Beets boiled — 1 PC. Garnet — 1/2 Boiled chicken fillet — 150 g Boiled potatoes — 2 […]

Salad Mittens for the snow Maiden

Salad Mittens for the snow Maiden Description of preparation: This salad is also very tasty, and very effective. It is not the first New year in our family, it occupies a place of honor on the festive table and surprise guests with their elegance. Taste the salad «Mittens for the snow Maiden» too, everyone likes […]

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