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GINGER BISCUITS Ingredients: Wheat flour — 400 g (2.5 cups) Chicken eggs — 2 PCs Butter — 200 gr Honey — 4 tbsp Sugar — 2/3 Cup Ginger root The baking powder — 1/2 tsp Preparation:

Cookies Baskets

Cookies Baskets Shortbread is not a sweet dough goes perfectly with the sweet apricot jam and a protein cream. Output:12 baskets with a diameter of 7 cm. Dough: 250 gr. flour 125 gr. plums. oil cold salt a pinch 2-3 tbsp cold water In the sifted flour with salt, add cold butter, chopped with a […]

Сhocolate chip cookies

Сhocolate chip cookies It is important that preparing this stunning cookies is very easy. Taste like the best pastry shops in the world — trust and check. Once cooked, will be baking these cookies permanently — it will become a favorite. Ingredients: 1 Cup wheat flour 120 g diced cold butter 4 tablespoons brown sugar […]

Cookies Bananas

Cookies Bananas Ingredients for the dough: 250 g butter or margarine 200 g sour cream + 1/3 tsp of baking soda to extinguish 3 cups flour Filling: 200 g of cottage cheese 200 g sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 3 tablespoons flour Method of preparation:

Cookies from curd «Cheese flowers»

Cookies from curd «Cheese flowers» Ingredients: 400 gr. cottage cheese, 200 gr. margarine, 4 tbsp. flour, 1-2 eggs, 0,5 tbsp. sugar, 0.5 tsp. of baking soda. Preparation:

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