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Outdoor meat pie

Outdoor meat pie Pie just delight!! delicate potato dough and a lot of juicy and flavorful toppings I advise you to try!! The cake was delicious and hot and cold!! Ingredients: For the dough: 200 gr. potatoes, 200gr. flour, 1 egg, 50gr. butter, Sol. For the filling: 500gr. pork (or ground beef), 2 bell peppers, […]

Sand strudel with apples

Sand strudel with apples Ingredients: — Butter or spread — 200 g — 1 Cup sugar — Flour — 1 Cup — Egg — 2 PCs. — Apples — 2-3 PCs. Cinnamon — 1 tsp.   Preparation:

Quick pie with frozen berries

Quick pie with frozen berries Ingredients: For the dough: -2 eggs, -1/2 tsp salt, -1 Cup of yogurt or 2 of natural yogurt, -100 grams of margarine, -1 tsp of baking powder, -flour (the dough should be like thick cream) ~ 250 gr, -100 gr sugar, a little vanilla. For the filling: package frozen strawberry […]


Eclairs Ingredients: Milk – 1 Cup (250 ml). Butter – 100 gr. Flour – 150 gr. Salt – a pinch. Eggs – 4 pieces.    

Sugar pie

  Sugar pie You will need: flour, 250 gr., milk 100 grams. fresh yeast 15 g. (I have 2 tsp dry, but can be less) Eggs 2 pcs. salt to taste (I added vanilla instead of salt) butter 100 gr. (room temperature sugar 100-150 grams. butter 50 grams. 200 ml of cream.

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