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Cake «Frankenstein» Halloween

Cake «Frankenstein» Halloween Cake «Frankenstein» Halloween can be prepared in 40 minutes. As a basis we take the cake, which is then razrisuem. Coloring can be used as prepared, and natural dyes. Ingredients: Eggs — 4 pieces Sugar — 1 cup Flour — 1 cup Baking powder — 0.5 teaspoons Powdered sugar — 1.5-2 Glass […]

Spaghetti in bell peppers on Halloween

Spaghetti in bell peppers on Halloween Stuffing for this dish you can use any. I recommend all the same mix beef with pork. Chile can not be added (if you do not like spicy). To these ingredients can only add your favorite spices for meat. So, how to cook spaghetti in bell peppers on Halloween?

Сocktail «Goblin Mimosas» for Halloween

Cocktail Goblin Mimosas for Halloween Popular Halloween cocktails with black vodka. The recipe is one I will share. Black vodka tastes no different from plain white. How to cook cocktail «Goblin Mimosas» for Halloween:  1. Fresh orange juice pour into the glass. 2. Slowly using the spoon on orange juice pour the black vodka. 3. […]

Stuffed eggs spiders for Halloween

Stuffed eggs spiders for Halloween Stuffed eggs spiders for Halloween — easy dish. Spiders we make of olives. And half the eggs can be stuffed with anything. I will mix canned tuna, egg yolk and fill with mayonnaise. Ingredients: Eggs — 6 Pieces Canned tuna 50 G Mayonnaise — 1-2 Tbsp. spoons Olives/olives — 12 […]

Soup in a pumpkin

Soup in a pumpkin Bright creamy soup-pumpkin puree is so sweet, that to resist him is impossible. You can serve the soup in regular bowls or plates, and can surprise your guests and present it in a pumpkin. Ingredients: pumpkin — 2 Pieces vegetable or chicken broth — 450 Grams heavy cream — 1/2 Cup […]

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