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Monsters of popcorn for Halloween

Monsters of popcorn for Halloween Monsters on Halloween — a budget dessert, which will scare off the bad and good will please adults and (I think more) children. Eyes the monsters will replace the candy M&M’s. You can, of course, to show imagination and to find another solution (talking about the creation of the eye). […]

Salad «Caprese» on Halloween

Salad «Caprese» on Halloween Salad «Caprese» on Halloween differs from the traditional version of the salad only in the presence of olives. And, of course, a form of submission. Salad fit ciabatta. This snack is a perfect starter. Besides, monsters can cook and the children themselves. Ingredients: Mozzarella — 200 Grams (small balls of cheese) […]

Cookies «Witch’s Fingers»

Cookies «Witch’s Fingers» This biscuit is prepared specially for the Halloween. Nasty looking, cookies are not for the faint of heart. But the taste of the cookies is wonderful, believe me. Children will be entranced by the view, and from the taste. You can bring the kiddies to the manufacturing process, because the recipe for […]

Hamburgers Halloween

Hamburgers Halloween Ingredients: Minced meat (beef + pork) — 300-350 gram Hamburger buns — 4 pieces Yellow low melting cheese — 4 slices Spices for minced meat / burgers — to taste (thyme, oregano (Origanum), red pepper, parsley, onion, juniper) Mayonnaise, ketchup — to taste Egg — 1 Each Salt — — to taste Vegetable […]

Meringues ghost for Halloween

Meringues ghost for Halloween Ingredients: Egg whites — 4 pieces Sugar — 1 cup Dark chocolate — 20 grams Preparation: 

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