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Porridge in a pumpkin

Porridge in a pumpkin Porridge in a pumpkin is a very cheap and simple to prepare, but impressive dish of traditional Russian cuisine. Such on the table put — outshine any delights and delicacies. Description of preparation: Ingredients: Pumpkin — 3 Pounds Sugar- 10 Grams Buckwheat — 500 Grams Leg of lamb — 500 Grams […]

Pumpkin cupcakes

Pumpkin cupcakes Ingredients: Pumpkin — 200-250 g Protein — 1 PC. Egg — 1 PC. Oat flour — 70 g Baking powder — 1H.l. Sweetener — 10 grams Preparation:

Halloween pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin A scary, yet cute Halloween pumpkin at home will decorate your holiday table or even the yard. Using a candle or flashlight inside to make it glow. This is a very original and interesting option even for gift. Ingredients: Pumpkin — 1 Piece Halloween pumpkin How to cook «Pumpkin for Halloween»

Soup vampire Blood

Soup vampire Blood This soup will surprise all relatives and friends. Especially if served in test tubes)) Ingredients: olive oil — 3 Tbsp. spoon the bulb of fennel — 1/2 Piece (finely chopped) onion — 1/2 Piece (finely chopped) garlic — 4 Cloves salt — 1 1/4 teaspoons fennel seeds — 1 teaspoon crushed red […]

Deep in the Bulgarian pepper on Halloween

Deep in the Bulgarian pepper on Halloween Pumpkin for Halloween does not have to be a pumpkin! It can be and orange bell peppers! In such a wonderful spice you can serve delicious dip. Next to the pepper-pumpkin put crackers or chips. Ingredients: Bell peppers — 3-4 Pieces (Orange color) Curd — 100 Grams Sour […]

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