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COCKTAIL FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY bran — 1 tbsp bananas — 1 PC. ground cinnamon — ½ tsp. cherry juice — 70 g 1% yogurt — 200 g Preparation:      

10 tips on how to brew delicious coffee

10 tips on how to brew delicious coffee 1. Clean water To brew delicious coffee, you need pure water. Immediately forget about the water from the tap, if you want to get the perfect fragrant and alluring drink. 2. Do not rush If you brew coffee in a cezve (read the original recipe coffee in […]

Iced coffee

Iced coffee The wonderful name of the drink comes from the French glacé, what do you mean frozen or icy. This coffee recipe-iced coffee, aka iced coffee, you’ll be distinct milk «shade» — without water. Ingredients: coffee (natural) — 2-3 tsp; sugar (preferably Demerara) — 2-3 pieces; milk — 250 ml; ice cream (creme brulee) […]

Ginger mint lemonade

Ginger mint lemonade Preparation time: 10 minutes Quantity: 2 liters Ingredients: Lemon — 3 pieces Mint — 1 bunch Sugar (fine) — 90 g Ginger — 3 cm Water — 200 ml Carbonated water — 1.5 l Preparation:

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