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Orange coffee

Orange coffee Ingredients: black coffee — 400 g the orange liqueur — 2/3 Cup orange — 4 slices orange peel grated — 1/4 teaspoon sugar powder — 1/2 tsp thick cream — 1 tbsp Preparation:

Hot creamy chocolate

Hot creamy chocolate Ingredients: 1/3 Cup cocoa powder 3/4 Cup sugar pinch of salt 1/3 Cup water (boiling water) 700 ml of milk 1/2 Cup cream 1 packet of vanilla sugar Preparation:

Wonderful drink Herbalist from China

Wonderful drink Herbalist from China. It eliminates the bad cells produced in the body or inhibit the growth THEIR! To take them for 3 months, health is restored instantly. It’s like a miracle. * You need one beets, two carrots and one apple. * Wash, peel , сut into pieces and put in a juicer and […]

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate Ingredients: — 1 liter of milk — 200 g of chocolate (bitter or milk) — 2-3 tablespoons starch (potato) Preparation: 

Сocktail «Goblin Mimosas» for Halloween

Cocktail Goblin Mimosas for Halloween Popular Halloween cocktails with black vodka. The recipe is one I will share. Black vodka tastes no different from plain white. How to cook cocktail «Goblin Mimosas» for Halloween:  1. Fresh orange juice pour into the glass. 2. Slowly using the spoon on orange juice pour the black vodka. 3. […]

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