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Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate ice cream Ingredients: fresh egg whites – 3 PCs. -cocoa powder – 150 g cream fat content of not less than 35% – 200 ml -milk – 150 ml -fine granulated sugar, or powdered sugar – 200 g Preparation:

Chocolate fondant

Chocolate fondant Ingredients: -Eggs — 2 PCs. -Bitter chocolate — 80 g -Butter — 50 g -Sugar — 40 g -Flour — 30 g Preparation: 1. The oven to heat up to 210 degrees. Eggs lightly whisk with sugar. 2. Melt the chocolate with butter in a water bath (or in microwave). Cool slightly and […]

Pumpkin smoothie with Apple and banana

Pumpkin smoothie with Apple and banana Ingredients: fresh pumpkin 500 g banana 1 PC. apples 3 PCs. low-fat yogurt or natural yogurt – 1 Cup honey, ground cinnamon to taste For the recipe thanks to the group Diet recipes Preparation:

Lazy vareniki

Lazy vareniki Ingredients for 2 servings: — 200 g of cottage cheese — 1 egg — 50 g of sugar — 150 g flour — salt on the tip of a knife Preparation:

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies Description of preparation: Homemade cookies will decorate even the most modest table. Love it all but especially the children. Colorfully decorated cookies will be a welcome addition to the holiday dinner. Today I invite you to learn making Christmas cookies using the recipe from the photo! Colorful, flavorful, crunchy and crumbly — these […]

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