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Salad «Snowy Christmas»

Salad «Snowy Christmas» This salad  not only looks nice on your desk, but very helpful. Ingredients: 100 g of cheese 1 cup of cooked rice (preferably Japanese, sticky) 200-300 g boiled squid 4 boiled eggs 1 cucumber 200 g pumpkin mayonnaise (preferably homemade mayonnaise) Preparation:

Fish, stuffed whole

Fish, stuffed whole This fish is perfectly decorate any holiday table and will be great to savor with vegetables. Despite the complexity of its preparation, fish, stuffed whole home is the best solution! Description of preparation: Fish, stuffed entirely at home, will surprise everyone and will spoil even the most demanding taste buds. If you […]

Salad «Christmas boot»

Salad «Christmas boot« Unusual festive salad in the form of a Christmas boot. Thanks to the excellent combination of products has a pleasant taste. Preparing easy and simple! Ingredients: Fresh mushrooms, 100 g Onions — 1 PC. Beets boiled — 1 PC. Garnet — 1/2 Boiled chicken fillet — 150 g Boiled potatoes — 2 […]

Salad Mittens for the snow Maiden

Salad Mittens for the snow Maiden Description of preparation: This salad is also very tasty, and very effective. It is not the first New year in our family, it occupies a place of honor on the festive table and surprise guests with their elegance. Taste the salad «Mittens for the snow Maiden» too, everyone likes […]

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies Description of preparation: Homemade cookies will decorate even the most modest table. Love it all but especially the children. Colorfully decorated cookies will be a welcome addition to the holiday dinner. Today I invite you to learn making Christmas cookies using the recipe from the photo! Colorful, flavorful, crunchy and crumbly — these […]

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