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Coconut roll without baking

Roll without baking Ingredients: Chocolate layer: 100 g of biscuits 50 ml of bottled water 2 tbsp cocoa powder Coconut layer: 40g coconut flakes 40g butter 40g icing sugar 1 tsp coconut liqueur Preparation:

Lazy cake with peaches

Lazy cake with peaches Ingredients: 25g gelatine 2 packs of cheese 1 tin of condensed milk Canned or fresh peaches (you can take any favorite favorite fruits Preparation:

Cake of corn sticks

Cake of corn sticks Ingredients: — 150 g of marmalade 200 g shelled walnuts — 2.5 packs of sweet corn sticks 70 g — 175 g butter — 1 can of condensed milk Corn sticks pour in a deep bowl. There also add the melted butter and condensed milk.

Cool cake

Cool cake Ingredients: — 500g cakes — 500 g sour cream — 2 banana — 100 g of sugar powder — 1 Cup shelled nuts Preparation:

Cake with yogurt without baking

Cake with yogurt without baking Ingredients: 150 g biscuit cookies 100 g butter 1 tbsp gelatin 650 g peaches 100 g sugar 450 g yogurt 250 g heavy cream juice and grated rind of lemon Preparation:

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