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Pancake pie

Pancake pie Ingredients: For test pancake cake: ●Eggs – 3 PCs. ●Milk – 300 ml. ●Flour – 150 gr. ●Greens – 1-2 beam. For the filling pancake pie: ●Tomatoes – 5-6 PC. ●Cheese – 200 gr. ●Garlic optional Preparation:

Cake «Coffee with chocolate» WITHOUT OVEN

Cake «Coffee with chocolate» WITHOUT OVEN Ingredients: — Black coffee strong with sugar — 1/2 Cup — Biscuits — 500 g — 1 Cup sugar — Eggs — 4 PCs — Cocoa powder – 1 tbsp — Butter — 250 g — Vanilla sugar – 1 tsp Preparation:


CAKE «TURTLE» Ingredients: — 6 proteins — 6 egg yolks — Cup sugar — 2 cups flour — 1 teaspoon soda or baking powder Cream: — 750 g sour cream — 1 C sugar Preparation:

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies Description of preparation: Homemade cookies will decorate even the most modest table. Love it all but especially the children. Colorfully decorated cookies will be a welcome addition to the holiday dinner. Today I invite you to learn making Christmas cookies using the recipe from the photo! Colorful, flavorful, crunchy and crumbly — these […]

Oat biscuits with bananas

Oat biscuits with bananas Oat biscuits is characterized by its speed of cooking, besides it’s a good way of recycling stale bananas. Delicious and healthy, a great way to eat without harm to the figures. You will need:

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