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Cake «bird’s milk»

Cake «bird’s milk» Ingredients: 4 PCs. egg whites, 2 -3 tablespoons powdered sugar ( to taste) lemon juice 2 tbsp, 20 gr. gelatin, 2-3 tbsp cocoa 2 cups milk, powdered sugar or sugar to taste (I put 2 tbsp full with top) 10 g of gelatin. Preparation:

Cake «Snow White»

Cake «Snow White» Delicate cake, very tasty, moderately sweet and not cloying. Interesting delicate sour cream frosting. Very easy to prepare, perfect for the family tea, and for the holiday feast. The berries or fruits you can use any of your choice. Ingredients for the cake: — 60 g butter — 100 g biscuits (biscuit […]

Cake «Potatoes» of cookies

Cake «Potatoes» of cookies Ingredients: a big bar of chocolate; cocoa – 4 tbsp; cookies – 400 g; sugar powder – 250 g; eggs – 3 PCs; coconut shavings and vanilla; butter – 200 g. Preparation:

Soft cottage cheese and banana cookies

Soft cottage cheese and banana cookies Ingredients: 150 g of cottage cheese nemorosa 100 ground oats or ground oatmeal (I usually just use oat flour) 1 ripe banana if you want more sweetness, you can add honey or sugar to taste and something to your taste to their roll: coconut, poppy, sesame, etc.     […]

Maltesers cake

Maltesers cake Ingredients: Brown sugar — 200 g Milk — 185 ml Butter — 125 g Flour — 200 g Baking powder — 1 tbsp For the cream: Cocoa powder — 50 g Eggs — 3 PCs. Butter — 185 g Sugar powder — 345 g The malt powder milk — 95 g Milk powder […]

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