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Kalmar in cream sauce

Kalmar in cream sauce. You will need: Squid 1 pc Butter 10 g Sour cream 2 tablespoons 1 pinch of salt Seasoning for fish 1 pinch Water 70 mL Wheat flour 0.5 tbsp How to cook:

Low-calorie cheese homemade

Low-calorie cheese homemade. You will need: 500g cottage cheese 0% natural grains dry 0.5 cups of milk 2.5% 1/2 eggs 0.5 tsp fine salt 1/4 tsp soda butter 5g (1 teaspoon) oil 1ch.l. for mold release How to cook:

Sandwich cake with smoked salmon and soft cheese.

Sandwich cake with smoked salmon and soft cheese. Beautiful and incredibly delicious festive sandwich cake with crunchy cucumbers and smoked salmon soaked and garnished with whipped cream cheese. You will need: Whole grain bread 4 lost. Cheese soft cream 340 g Red onion 1 tbsp Dill 3 tbsp Canned capers 1 tbsp Lemon juice 1 […]

Puff eggplant

Puff eggplant You will need: Eggplant (medium size) – 2-3 pieces Tomato – 1-2 PCs. (you can substitute tomato paste — 2 tbsp) Carrots – 2 PCs. Onions – 3 PCs. Vegetable oil – for frying. A bunch of parsley Salt, black pepper. For the sauce mix in a blender: Sour cream — 100 g […]

Energy bar!

Energy bar! Ingredients: Dates — 1.25 cups Dried cherries — 1.25 cups Almonds — 1.25 cups Preparation:

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