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Appetizer skewers Mushroom glade

Appetizer skewers Mushroom glade Slice of cucumber, then a ball of lettuce mass, on top of the marinated mushrooms — all of this is to pierce with a skewer. In salad are a lot of shredded crab sticks, grated cheese, chopped egg and mayonnaise (sour cream). Very beautiful and tasty appetizer.

Stuffed eggplant

Stuffed eggplant Ingredients: eggplant — 2 PCs tomatoes — 4 PCs hard cheese — 200 g garlic — 3-4 cloves lemon juice — to taste sugar — to taste dill, parsley, cilantro — to taste salt — to taste vegetable oil Method of preparation:


UNUSUAL AND DELICIOUS SANDWICHES FOR BREAKFAST Ingredients: 16 slices white osternohe bread (which is exactly one loaf of bread); — 8 plates of ham (smoked meat); — 1-2 tomatoes; — 200 g of mushrooms, — 4 eggs; — 100-150 g of cheese; — 1 tbsp of butter for frying; — salt, pepper, parsley Preparation:

10 recipes zucchini

10 recipes zucchini 1. Zucchini fried in Ukrainian These zucchini cooked by my grandmother. I kind of childhood every summer. Preparation:

Curls with crab sticks and cheese

Curls with crab sticks and cheese Ingredients: — 250 g puff pastry — 180 g of crab sticks — cheese sliced 4-6 plates — 1 teaspoon of dry spice blends Preparation:

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