Burgers Turtles

Burgers Turtles


300-400 g beef minced meat cutlet,
5 children’s sausages,
cheese sandwich in the plates,
salt, pepper,
a few pieces of cloves or peppercorns for decoration,
lettuce leaves for serving.


Burgers Turtles Preparation:

Sausage cut lengthwise into two halves, then crosswise.
With one hand make knife two cuts. There are four «legs».
The same make with two sausages.
The remaining sausages cut into three parts: the ends of the sausages is the «head» two turtles, and mid – tail.
On each «head» making a horizontal incision is the future «mouth».

Minced sprinkle with salt and pepper, form patties.
Stick them in «paws», «tail», «head», from cloves or peppercorns make the eyes.
Go to the shell.
Plate of cheese cut into sticks and in the form of mesh spread on a Burger – «the back» of the turtles.
Put our burgers in the oven at 180° C for 30-35 minutes.
Once the cheese starts to be baked, cover the chops with foil. For 5 minutes before end of baking, remove the foil to let the cheese brown.
Hot cakes spread on the greens and serve immediately to the table.

Bon appetit!

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